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The Website Identity Framework (WIF®) is the must-have white-label web agency toolkit to stop website projects waiting on content from clients, as part of your discovery process. The WIF, is a shareable working document you and your client work through together (with training videos for you) taking you through an actionable 7-step process with the outcome that your clients will be able to articulate what it is they do, who they help and what solutions they deliver to overcome the content hurdle which often grinds web projects to a halt.

It’s a white-label framework you can customise and use with your clients from the ‘get-go’ with easy and digestible training videos for you, so you can deliver the process effectively to your clients. 

“Not only does The WIF free up my precious time, it results in a better website, which leads to happy customers and makes me look good.”
~ Rick Heijster, Web Developer

How Will The WIF Make Your Life Easier?

1. The WIF is so easy to implement it’s effortless
2. There’s nothing complicated to set up
3. White-labelled so you can easily rebrand it
4. Use over and over for every client
5. A time-saving, ‘no-brainer’ white-label tool to add to your website discovery process
6. All of this wrapped up in a handy product, ready to use out of the box

“I so dearly wish I’d had Imogen’s Website Identity Framework when I was building websites for clients. You need the WIF in your web design project toolkit.”
~ Dave Foy, Course Creator and Experienced Web Professional 

What’s Included in The WIF?

The WIF is a 3-part product wrapped up in your own portal to access whenever you want and includes:

1. Video Training for the web agency 
2. The Files 
3. Extra Resources and Signposting 

“Implementing the WIF into my process has not only sped up the project but it also further positions me as the website expert. If you are looking for a proven process to help you educate and gather website content from your client faster then I would definitely recommend purchasing the WIF.”
~ Simon Kay, Web Designer, StudioK 360

Why The WIF?

Knowing who you are and how you help people makes the content flow so much more easily. Finding your identity is the best work you can do to help everything else flow from it. I felt disheartened every time I read about web developers and designers waiting on content and projects never completing. I felt there had to be a way to help the web community get over this hurdle but by being proactive and guiding their clients.

Our clients are experts in their own field, they simply just don’t know how to articulate it. So let’s help them get to where they want to be and help us to stop projects grinding to a halt over a lack of content.

Check out The WIF and visit the website here

If you found The WIF through The Admin Bar then grab yourself $20 off the price using the coupon code TAB2021 or go direct via the link here

If you have any questions, drop me an email at [email protected] 

Always happy to help!


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