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Hi, I’m Lynda from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m a night-owl, so I am also good with USA timezones (some would even say better with those timezones).

I first started playing around with websites in the late ’90s when I designed some websites for friends’ businesses and organizations. I returned to full-time work in 2004, so I was not chasing any new clients, just maintaining and updating the websites of a couple of clients. In 2016 I started working with WordPress and I have been hooked ever since.

I was originally just using the WordPress classic editor but soon moved onto Elementor Pro. I have recently started using GeneratePress Premium and Generate Blocks and used them to update my website. This past week I started experimenting with Divi as I have a potential client that wants to outsource some website redesigns and she uses Divi exclusively.

I like to ensure that my client’s websites are built with basic on-page SEO and have been pretty happy with Rank Maths for that, but am now trying out SEOPress Pro and am pretty impressed with that as well.

I use Woo-Commerce for the e-commerce websites that I build. I can set up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. I am looking to expand my knowledge of Google Analytics more in-depth shortly.

I look after the website care for my clients and use Manage WP to do so. I also monitor website downtimes using UptimeRobot, and keep an eye on things with Diib and the Ahrefs dashboard.

I have a couple of virtual admin clients and look after the creation of social media graphics (Canva) and the scheduling and repurposing of their content using Facebook Creator Studio and Buffer. I love Trello and enjoy a good to-do list to complete.

I use MailerLite for my email marketing (nowhere near as much as I should for my website though) but am also familiar with Active Campaign and MailChimp.

What I don’t already know, I am eager to learn. I would love to white-label for you or look after the website care of your clients. I can also look after social media creation, social media scheduling, or general administrative work. What I don’t already know, I am eager to learn.

You can learn more about me over at LinkedIn or my website

Thanks for reading this far 😀


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