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EightySeven Web is focused on helping businesses and organizations create a strong online presence through powerful websites and ongoing support.

Websites: We focus on brochure-style websites, but also have the expertise for building e-commerce sites. We primarily build in Oxygen Builder and create custom post types / advanced custom fields on an as-needed basis, but also have extensive experience in Divi Builder.

Website Maintenace: For ongoing monthly maintenance, we provide hosting, backups, security, updates, and 30 or 60 minutes of support time each month. Each client is provided with a client portal/dashboard to access their Website Owner’s Manual and invoices, create a support ticket,  and to view their monthly analytics reports

SEO: We start with an SEO audit for every site to make sure we have a solid foundation to build on. From there, we recommend a plan for the business to move forward with based upon current SEO stands and goals.

I (Alisha Thomas) also have a Master’s Degree in Management with a concentration in Nonprofit Organizations. So we can offer extra services when working with nonprofit organizations.

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  1. Alisha is absolutely great to work with! She’s very detail oriented and has her processes down. I highly recommend!


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