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Website design

We are UK based – we are a small team that changes consumer perceptions in favour of your brand and away from competitors and the competition.

We have a unique methodology that brings the power of large enterprise branding to the smaller established business.

By analysing the buyer’s journey and motivation, by researching the competitive landscape and trends – we build differentiation and positioning.

This involves an in-depth discovery process, competitive research, customer interviews and a branding workshop.

The process includes building customer personas, a core message, positioning statement and promise, copy for website home and about us page.  

Our team includes a psychologist, two copywriters, a journalist and a branding expert.

The end result is a unique personality, a positioning that is clearly different to competitors yet compelling to the target market.

Our process will change perceptions and create a connection with the target audiences leading to better conversions, increases loyalty, less price sensitivity and long term sales results. 

The cost varies on the amount of time to deliver. As an example a B2B business with a client list of 500 clients that have been trading for 5 years with 3 main product/services offerings. UK time zone.  – $7,000

Benefits include

  • The Clientific System helps you attract more profitable clients
  • The Clientific System allows you to charge a premium
  • The Clientific System gives you control over your marketing messages, channels and budgets
  • The Clientific methodology uses psychology and data science to drastically improve sales and retention.
  • The Clientific System will make a business more valuable.

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