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What’s that phrase? Something is better than nothing.

Rather than wait till I have the perfect description to place here, Something is better than nothing (You’ll see I’ve taken the same approach to my website).


Whether it’s a website or a sporty car, I love speed. I love the thrill of a website running at millisecond speeds and a Corvette at 120 mph. When it comes to fine tuning the Vette, my automotive skills are lacking, so it may be best that I stick with speeding up websites.


In my other business, we build bikes (bicycles) for the special needs programs throughout the state. There is nothing more filling when you can watch a child or an adult become independent for the first time. When I can build an accessible website, I receive that same gratification knowing that I’ve made a website visitor’s life just a tiny bit easier.

If you’d like to connect, drop me an email: stana [at] avalanchedesigns [dot] com


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