Georgios Diamantopoulos

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United States and Greece

We started Zero to MVP because we believe that entrepreneurs and executives should be able to focus on running and growing their business and not have to worry about software development or graphic design – we care of that for them!

Our main offering brings ideas to life in the shape of completely custom web or mobile apps and we would love to discuss your or your clients’ projects to determine fit.

But we also offer some services on an ad-hoc or project-basis:

Web design

Our designer Danilo joined our team after 10+ years in the European startup scene and he is available to work on your project(s).

Beyond his design expertise, you’ll also be reaping the benefit of the whole team contributing their creativity towards your UI and UX.

HTML/CSS and custom Javascript

Our whole team is proficient in Javascript and can create any UI using vanilla JS, jQuery, React or Vue.

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