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Hey All, 

Been working in WP for over 10 years, building websites for over 20. I have worked for large agencies, small companies, freelanced, and have been the person behind the scenes. Let me bring my expertise to your projects!

I am not a copy writer, so bear with me as I try to explain what I can offer…

Experience Summary

I have built sites with themes – and fixed sites that were using themes, built customized sites around strict business requirements, vetted hundreds (or thousands) of plugins, taken on maintenance work, taken sites from page 8 to page 1 for branded and un-branded keywords, optimized sites for speed, completely rebuilt sites, re-platformed sites from other places (Joomla, SiteCore, Sitefinity, iDev, Magento, Drupal, HTML, etc) into WordPress by rearchitecting the data structures.

I have build small brochure sites and also large, large ecommerce sites using WooCommerce and BigCommerce. From scraping sites to get the data to organizing hundreds of spreadsheets to an importable structure. Payments… shipping… business rules… you name it, I have worked on it. I’ve migrated users and subscriptions from one ecommerce platform to another, even switching payment methods. 

I enjoy building custom flows for business processes, including custom “admin” sections that are front-end facing. Using a variety of tools I can help build what your client needs for overviews, site management, user roles & approvals, analytic updates, approval flows, and more.

I can help with the low-level technical issues as well. From domains, to DNS servers, to NS traces, getting emails up and running (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc) and even a migration if needed. I can help you spec hosting and move sites for you. Get your business running with proper SOPs to grow your business or agency.

Experience List

  • Site Architecting
  • Development Requirement Specifications
  • Page Builders (Oxygen, Bricks, Zion Builder, Elementor, Divi, VC, Thrive, more)
  • Block Editor (GeneratePress/Blocks, Stackable, Qubely, more)
  • Site Audits
  • SEO Audits
  • Project Discovery
  • User Stories, Sprints, and Value Ordering
  • Information Architecture
  • Client Management (I can represent your company)
  • Performance Reviews & Recommendations
  • Hosting configurations & repairs
  • Security hardening
  • Cloudflare setup & optimization
  • Live RTMP/HTTP video streaming
  • Podcast setup & hosting
  • Ecommerce setup, configuration, and management
  • All things ecommerce (shipping, payment, variations, 3rd party, etc)
  • Shopify Integration (Shop on WP, check on Shopify)
  • BigCommerce Integration
  • Custom Integration Management
  • Probably More

Please reach out if you think I can help you with something and we can chat about it. I am passionate about WordPress and helping businesses (like yours and your clients’) succeed!

I look forward to working with you soon.


Chris Wagoner


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  1. Chris is amazing! I needed help on an advanced Woocommerce shipping scenario- Chris came up with a solution that worked beautifully. He was prompt in responding to any additional needs that arose and wrapped up the whole solution in a very timely manner. Highly recommend working with Chris!


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