Katelyn Trulove

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United States

Top skills: WordPress design and development, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Adobe, on-site SEO, branding strategy, marketing consultation, and WordPress coaching.

My niche:

I work with clients starting new service-based businesses or rebranding/updating existing ones. I focus on clear communication and providing value to my clients, above all. I have a knack for working with people who are easily confused by technology or have a hard time getting a clear direction on their business goals in general. My clients can always rely on me to answer questions/requests quickly, keep in touch, and give honest advice.

My process:

I occasionally do one-off jobs but in general, I stick with a process that I feel creates consistency for the brand and keeps everything very clear and efficient. I usually begin with branding, including everything from visuals to market research, audience targeting, and brand story. From there, I create a mock-up in Adobe XD and write full copy for the website (in line with their overall brand and SEO optimized). Once everything is approved, I handle all domain and hosting transfers necessary and build the site in WordPress using Beaver Builder or Oxygen. From install to launch is usually about a week, as everything is approved ahead of time. I also offer hosting, maintenance plans, and organic ongoing marketing (social media, email, SEO, graphic design, and everything in-between)

I appreciate your consideration and I’m always open to partnerships or answering any questions.

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