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Think, Design, Smile.

Equipping small businesses with clarity & hella bomb visual design.

“What I like best about Tickyboom is that they were committed to getting it right. They delivered on their promise and on my vision. I’m confident they will deliver for you and your project as well.”
Matt Lisle – Professional Baseball Coach

Our design services are the tools we use to help you create authentic connections.

Brand Strategy

We will develop a brand strategy that finds and articulates your Why. We will build out your mission statement, audience, and other aspects of your core based on your why.

Our Services: Brand Strategy, Audience, Core Values, Brand Persona, Neighbor Research, Archetype, Styleguide, Clarity

Visual Branding

We will develop a logo identity & create some bomb brand creative to help you connect with your audience in a deeper way, helping excel your business.

Our Services: Brand Identity, Logo, Style guide, Collateral + Print, Web, Illustration, Business Cards, Letterhead, Social Media


We will help you develop unique illustrations that will communicate your brand with heaping amounts of awesomeness.

Our Services: Print and Ads, Merch, Posters, Icons, Web Illustrations, Brand Development, Brand Identity Language, Scenes, Invitations, Social Media

Web Design + Webflow

We will help you by designing + building your all-encompassing brand ambassador and sales-generating website. We are an exclusive partner with Webflow!

Our Services: Design, Illustrations, Web Dev with Webflow(or WordPress), Animation, Interaction, E-Commerce, Multi-Page Websites, One-Pagers, Portfolios, Blog, Web Hosting + Maintenance.

Our Approach is Define, Design, Deliver


Before pencil hits paper, we go into a deep dive into your existing business + brand. Our discovery session is essential here, plus the questions we ask and the answers you give. Then, before we move onto creative, we develop a creative strategy + get signoff from you. It is super important to the integrity of the project that we define a clear scope to design with confidence.


With a clear scope + strategy in hand, we get to designing. We set a schedule to help you know what milestones to expect. We then go into our design lab + get to work. This phase is enjoyable. Bringing all those answered questions + our carefully crafted strategy to life. 


Once we finalize the design, we prep the final deliverables. For anything that needs extra attention, we have no problem being your design liaison with your vendors. Next, we create a style guide tailored to your project. In this style guide, you can access any deliverables, brand strategy, and visual guidelines. This style guide will be your new best friend. After the style guide is delivered, we have a quick debrief with you to discuss how the project went. Then, rule your market!

We look forward to bringing clarity and excellent design to your business!

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