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You’ve started a business, built the team, provide exceptional service to your customers, and launched your website… but now what? Now it’s time to take care of your investment and start marketing online.  Launching a website is just the beginning.

At Norlink, we focus on everything that comes after the website launch to ensure that your ideal customers can find you online and choose to hire you.

We do this through:

  • WordPress Care Plans – Ensuring your website is always online, up-to-date, secure, and backed up
  • Analytics – Google Analytics and Search Console set-up, optimization, and reporting to track how people are finding you, what pages they’re viewing, how they got to your website, and what they do once they get to the website
  • Search Engine Optimization – Don’t let your website hide in the search engine results. We help clients optimize the content throughout their website, set up internal cross linking to related information, and keyword research
  • Content Marketing – Blog post creation and refreshes to help boost ideal clients clicking on your content within the search engines. By regularly updating your blog, you’re establishing your authority in your field and helping your customers! Coming up with topics to write about can be tough though and that’s where we come in.

Our goal is to help grow your business with our digital marketing expertise so that you can focus on providing excellent customer service while we do all of the marketing leg work for you. For 25 years now, Norlink has been helping customers get their business online and found. We want to help you!

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