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Hi fellow “TheAdminBar” members,

My name is Genesis Reonico and I own and operate a boutique website design, build and management support business here in the Philippines called Digital Support Services.

Below are the things that we can help you with.

I would like to call ourselves your “Website BROS” because me and my team got your back and will help you with… 

B – UILD    |   R – EDESIGN    |    O – PTIMIZE    |    S – ECURE

From starting a website project like setting up domain and hosting in WHM or cPanel,  creating mock-up design from website copies, to actual building of the website (including mobile and tablet view), and lastly, making it live. We can help you with that.

We can also assist in migrating the developed site from one host to another. But our support doesn’t end there. Once the site has been turned over to the client, we can also help in maintaining your clients’ websites based on your specifications. Just let us know.

We have experience and familiarity in Optimizing WordPress websites on the following fronts: 

  • On-Page SEO
  • Site Speed
  • Securing the website

One unique advantage we have is our understanding of digital marketing concepts and principles. Thus, if you show us a funnel, we certainly understand those. Setting up of Google Analytics and embedding tracking codes? We can do that too. 

Bottomline, you can consider us as your Tech VA Support Team, your Website BROS. We got your back!

So if you need someone to give you a helping hand in doing the tech stuff mentioned above, we are more than happy to help you out in fulfilling tech deliverables and supporting your client. 

Let’s talk! Email me at [email protected] or schedule a call with me at

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