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We’re a small business here to help YOUR small business; That’s what we do!


About MKS Web Design

Hi, we’re MKS Web Design! We’re located in Kansas and offer website design in and around our location/state. 🚀 We provide high-quality web design services at a below-average cost – we’re a small business here to help YOUR small business; that’s what we do! ❤


The “Team” at MKS

MKS Web Design is owned and operated by Anthony Richter. 👋 Anthony has been practicing in the digital/marketing arts for over 20 years, with projects ranging anywhere between Graphic DesignLogo Design, Branding, Marketing, Web Design, and Web Maintenance. Anthony freelances for the most part and contracts out when needed.


How We Can Help You

We’re ready to assist you on your project in numerous ways! Whether you’re looking for a White Label experience or job/client referrals, we’re interested in working with YOU! 💪

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