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HPX Media is an award-winning website development agency. We specialize in  WordPress website development as well as branding and copywriting, using the StoryBrand method.

Hey there, my name is Kris and I own HPX Media. We are a fun, easy going little firm, but most importantly, we are good at what we do and we’re reliable.

We build sites that specialize in three of the main areas that make a website successful: professional design tailored to the client, clear and concise messaging that connects with users at an emotional level and a fast, well-built website that is easy for users/clients, as well as search engines to use. If a client needs branding, we will take them through that process as well.

Website Development: We create WordPress and WooCommerce websites that generate the leads you need while providing long-term, reliable support. We take the tech, hassle and guesswork out of website ownership with smooth customer service, a customized, 360° approach.

Website Care Plans: Our monthly Website Integrity Plans take the hassle out of website ownership. Trust us to manage as much or as little of the technical maintenance of your website, so you can get back to what you’re passionate about.

Copywriting: Clear and compelling website text is another facet of successful website development. We use the Storybrand method to create website text that speaks directly to your customers needs, creating a user experience that motivates users to connect.

Brand Development: Your brand is the foundation of your business. We give you the tools you need to start your business right. If you don’t control the brand, you can’t control your message. If you can’t control your message, investments you make in marketing will likely yield lackluster results.


Feel free to check out our work at


We’ve got a ton of really happy clients. You can see some of their comments here: We also have more than a few 5-star Google reviews.


Website development—when done correctly—can be complex and confusing, so I encourage you to reach out with any questions, even if it’s in a second opinion capacity. I’m happy to help.

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