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Outsource with ease and confidence. With Focus On Demand, you have access to vetted and trained teams of white label Developers, Designers, Copywriters, Admins, Video Editors…and more to come! Spend more time in your Zone of Genius 😎 and less time doing the boring stuff.

One monthly subscription can be used on any of the services we offer, in any combination. 🙌  At FocusWP, you are the BOSS and we are your geeky worker bees. 🐝 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your subscription level (this can be changed or paused each month)
  2. Submit tickets for the tasks you want to delegate to your Focus On Demand teams throughout the month (or all at once!)
  3. Sit back and cash the checks from your delighted clients 🤑

Here are some tasks you could request today:

  • Mobile optimize a site before launch [Dev]
  • Write a weekly blog post for a specific audience [Copy]
  • Create custom icons for a website [Design]
  • Cleanup video interview (remove um’s, uh’s, pauses, etc) [Video]
  • Add products and variations into WooCommerce or Shopify store [Admin]
  • Set up development server for new project [Dev]
  • Create an intro and outro for your YouTube videos [Video]
  • Enter customers/leads into CRM software [Admin]
  • Debug/resolve issue with existing website feature [Dev]
  • Design a 7 page site for your preferred page builder [Design]
  • Targeted copy for a sales page [Copy]
  • Add show notes and tags to podcast episode, then schedule publishing [Admin]
  • Launch a website [Dev]
  • Write, design and schedule social media posts for the month [Copy, Design, Admin]
  • Color correct a pre-recorded talk for a conference [Video]
  • Create new email list from past contacts [Admin]
  • Transfer forms from Caldera to Gravity Forms [Dev]
  • General research on the latest Macbook Pro specs [Admin]
  • Redesign an existing home page [Design]
  • Have an entire site built to your design specifications [Dev]
  • Organize your email inbox and set up filters [Admin]
  • Write and design a lead magnet, design and build landing/thank you/delivery pages, write 5 email follow-up sequence [Dev, Design, Copy] 🤯
  • Edit and optimize the videos for your new course [Video]
  • Speed up a website [Dev]
  • Add and configure WooCommerce [Dev]
  • Make a boring report look awesome [Design]
  • Connect your site to a custom API [Dev]
  • Research to determine the best plugin for a desired functionality [Dev – research ticket]
  • Create a style guide for a client brand [Design]
  • Create an animated logo intro [Video]

Ok, ok…you get the idea 😉

🌮 If you made it this far, you deserve a little something extra. Use code TAB20 for 20% off your first month! 

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