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I build websites using the Oxygen Pagebuilder. I made the jump from Elementor at the beginning of 2021 and now use it exclusively for all new website builds (I still manage a hand full of sites built with Elementor).

Two things have come up recently that have helped me to sharpen my focus on where I can best serve.


I had a long-standing client approach me about building a website for his new business venture. He sells products in bulk to wholesale clients across the country and wanted to have vendors sign up and sell through his site too. The site is

The site turned out great, mostly because it works exactly as he wants it. The part I enjoyed the most was putting the pieces together to make that happen.

I am now responsible for maintaining the site and hosting it. It’s a large site, over 1000 products and growing, so it’s important that I monitor the traffic and make sure the server is ready for the inevitable spike. Cloudways’ Vultr HF server makes this pretty easy to do.

Although designing sites is not my first choice, I did design this one, as well and branding – even though he has been doing this for a while, up until now he has been using other platforms to sell his products. So he needed a new logo and color scheme.

White Label

The second thing that came up is I discovered the peace of mind doing white label work brings. Putting my head down, building sites, and coming up with solutions is where I like to be.

One of the best parts about this kind of work is teaming up with agency owners and devs to bounce ideas off of and working together to overcome the many challenges building websites present. We talk the same language and understand what goes into building a site the right way.

I’m currently working with an agency building sites for them and want to continue with white label work. I have systems in place that allow me to build sites fast and efficiently. If you are interested to see specifically how I put sites together and the way I work, I’d be happy to jump on a call and go over my processes. I think I’m pretty easy to work with and if there are better ways to do something, I am open to it.

The process and tech

For client work where I have complete control over the tech I use Oxygen and host all my sites on Cloudways.

For eCommerce, I use the Vultr HF and for brochure sites I still use Vultr, just not HF.

To manage sites on my care plan I use MainWP for updates. This works well and I can see all my sites on a single dashboard.

When I have to show a client how to do something on the site like create a post, add a product, or resetting a password, I almost always create a short video using Berrycast. This has cut down on client questions a lot. I now get requests to make videos all the time. And since they have it on file, when they forget, and they always do, they just pull up the video. Saves them time and my time as well.

For on-site SEO I use SEOPress. Easy to use, has schema options built-in and the yearly license is a bargain compared to other options.

For caching, since I host on Cloudways I use Breeze. It works. Sites I build easily get high marks on all the online tests.

Fluent Forms is by far the best form plugin I’ve used. Great support and unbelievably powerful. I once created a simulator for a visitor to go step-by-step building out a house and showing them the price dynamically before they contacted the architect. The feedback from visitors on that has been awesome.  You can check it out here: It’s in Spanish, but shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t understand it. Lots of images:)

If a CRM is needed, I use Fluent CRM for the same reason I use their form builder. Super easy to use.

CPT UI for, well, custom post types. Works great with Oxygen.

ACF Pro.

Woocommerce and I used WCFM to create the vendor marketplace. It works, support could be better, but I really haven’t needed to contact support much at all.

WP Grid Builder for filtering posts. It now has integration with the Oxygen builder so custom styling is a breeze!

Updrafts Plus for backups. Even though Cloudways makes backups every day, I like having this.


If you need help with eCommerce or looking for white label website builds let’s talk and see how I can help you.

The best way to reach me is either by email or WhatsApp.

email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +57 321 926 1600 (you must use the “+” symbol when entering a number in Whatsapp or it won’t work)

Please mention you found me here on The Admin Bar jobs board.

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  1. Daren is an absolutely fantastic white-label partner! He is very detail oriented and great at solving challenges. If you’re looking for a developer to bring on board for projects, I’d highly recommend Daren!


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